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CCI is a major installer of Site Concrete.  It is fundamental to the infrastructure of all projects.  We know how important keeping a handle on the costs are to the budget as a site is being prepared for it’s development.  We often suggest new and modern systems and techniques that will achieve the desired outcome, and produce a savings to the bottom dollar.  Concrete flatwork, sidewalks, driveways, and even ADA detectable warning systems can be designed to give the project an intentional aesthetic value by incorporating a variety of finish techniques, textures or shapes. First impressions count and we want to help you improve your properties overall value by starting on the right track.

Moving earth and rock on a fresh piece of land, or recycling an existing property, CCI will demo and remove existing concrete slabs, flat-work, footings and dirt.  A successful project requires roadway access, building pad construction, sidewalks, concrete flatwork, and so much more.  Usually Site Concrete takes a back seat to the fancy stuff.  CCI appreciates the importance of Site Concrete and we build our installations to add longevity of the site.  CCI, has a solid reputation delivering quality, and with extensive experience in Site Concrete, we approach every project at meeting your budget.