Concrete Contractor Safety.

Concrete Contractors Interstate takes safety seriously. CCI prioritizes safety because protecting the health and well-being of every person involved in a project is not only responsible, it is critical in achieving all of the project goals.

A zero tolerance attitude for safety violations is firmly ingrained in our work force and enforced. This has led to CCI earning the highest safety MOD-rating possible. From senior management to field employees, CCI systematically reinforces their internal safety standards through staff safety meetings, memos and seminars.

Our commitment to safety is so strong that we’ve developed a new product that decreases the risk of accidents at the worksite. Our innovative iCON Wall Solution’s horizontal casting method is safer for work sites because no scaffolding is required.

Ultimately, because CCI values the health and safety of all involved in a project so highly, a project is not considered a total success unless it is built safely.

To learn more about CCI’s workplace safety record or to confirm our MOD-rating qualifies us for your project, please call 858-679-5550 or send an email to