Cost-effective turnkey solution for San Diego County street work projects

Concrete Contractors Interstate is the leader in comprehensive street improvement projects, capturing more than 80% of street work in downtown San Diego since 2000. We provide turnkey services for our street work projects that support everything from traffic control to completion. CCI’s comprehensive street work package is the most cost-effective solution to ensure your street improvement project meets all regulatory requirements with a finished product you can be proud of. With experts leading each aspect of the project, you can rest easy knowing professionals are finding the most efficient way to meet deadlines and finalize the project within budget.

With CCI’s comprehensive street work package, CCI assumes the responsibility of managing, scheduling, coordinating and executing each aspect of the project from infrastructure to finish. Each project is different, but there are countless components that may need to pass city inspections. CCI is the leader in turnkey street improvement projects because they have established sound relationships with county representatives and have decades of experience to know exactly what should be done, when and in what order so that costs are minimized and delays are avoided.

In essence, CCI becomes an extension of your management team, not only producing the entire scope of the street project, but also leading each step so that you can focus on your project closeout process. The value of consolidating all these services under one roof not only reduces headaches, it ensures mistakes and delays are avoided and your business achieves real bottom line dollar savings.

Services included within the CCI’s comprehensive street work package include:

  • Pedestrian Barricades & Ramps
  • Demolition
  • Grading
  • Shoring
  • Backfill
  • Excavation
  • Under-ground utilities
  • Curb & Gutter
  • Driveway Approaches
  • Aprons
  • City Sidewalks
  • Tree grate supply and installation
  • Irrigation and landscaping
  • Schedule “J” and asphalt paving
  • Street lights
  • Traffic signalization & traffic control
  • Street stripping
  • Signage
  • ADA ramps
  • Brick pavers
  • Site concrete paving
  • Street drainage
  • Trash receptacles
  • Fencing
  • Site furnishings such as concrete bus-stops and planters

To include CCI at the conceptual level, or to request a bid for your final design, please call 858-679-5550 or send an email to