Deliver the experience you’re looking for with architectural concrete

CConcrete has the advantage of being formed and poured to produce functional structures in durable shapes, varying textures and interesting colors that enhance the composition and experience of a space. Concrete Contractors Interstate’s craftsmen are experts in the way concrete can change the attitude of an architectural environment and the experience of those who come in contact with it.

The industry’s most respected architects, designers and general contractors have partnered with CCI and chosen our proprietary, patent-pending architectural concrete techniques on the region’s most architecturally iconic properties. CCI’s team of creative experts specialize in developing creative, cost-efficient ways to bring a project to life. Utilizing the industry’s most innovative ways to utilize color, texture and form, CCI is able to deliver one-of-a-kind pieces of functional art within tight budgets and short turnarounds.

Two decades ago, architectural concrete found its way into the residential market because it is able to easily transform a home’s style and increase its value. CCI partners with architects, designers, developers and builders to incorporate architectural concrete into projects as a way to enhance their visual appeal and uniquely differentiate each home from the next.

To learn more about CCI’s patent-pending architectural concrete techniques or to see how architectural concrete might be incorporated into your project, please call 858-679-5550 or send an email to