CCI’s iCON Wall System: An Aesthetically Attractive Border Wall Solution Combining Function and Form

iCON Wall Solution is a visually- unique, cost effective and safe method for building structural walls.

About the iCON Wall Solution

The iCON Wall Solution (patent-pending) is an industry-changing, time saving and cost efficient concrete wall system. iCON is the fastest method for building structural walls due to the tilt-up application and site-cast it employs.

About CCI

Concrete Contractors Interstate (a Single Eagle Inc. dba) is a Poway, California-based structural and decorative concrete specialist that has been working with construction leaders since 1958

News & Media

CCI has received worldwide news coverage following its “Border Wall” White Paper submission to the U.S. Department of Home Security’s request for information.

iCON Wall Solution – Key Benefits

Function and Form

The iCON Wall System is a tilt-up wall that can be cast on-site, decorated like concrete flatwork and positioned vertically, which offers unlimited design options.


Innovation is the bedrock of CCI’s iCON Wall Solution. CCI’s horizontal precast method allows for walls to come “to life,” creating one-of-a-kind works of art.

Time and Cost Savings

The iCON Wall Solution can cut construction time by almost 40 percent greatly reducing cost. Time and cost savings are created through work efficiencies that allow multiple project components to be completed simultaneously.


Safety of our employees is a priority of CCI. The iCON Wall Solution decreases the risk of accidents at the worksite because of its horizontal casting method and the fact that no scaffolding is required.

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