Project time savings through iCON™ Wall Solution

Specializing in short lead times and tight turnarounds to save time and avoid costly delays, CCI’s proprietary iCON Wall Solution is the fastest method for building structural concrete walls. By producing the walls off-site, iCON allows CCI to bypass traditional linear project timelines and move construction forward at a quicker pace.

For a wall 250 feet in length and 6 to 10 feet high, the innovative iCON Wall Solution can cut construction time by almost 40 percent, reducing the project timeline from 12.5 weeks to only 8 weeks of work. This time savings is created through work efficiency that allows multiple components of the project to be completed simultaneously. As shown in the graphic below, walls are built before or concurrent with the footings, expediting total project completion.

The industry’s most cost effective solution.

The iCON Wall Solution takes advantage of innovative construction techniques and efficiencies that drastically reduce the cost of production. Additionally, the cost advantage of iCON walls increases with the height of the wall.

Compared to masonry and cast-in-place (CIP) structural walls, standard iCON walls are always more cost effective. The same goes for decorative walls, where the iCON Wall Solution allows unlimited design creativity at a fraction of the cost required by traditional decorative concrete techniques to achieve a similar design. Additional to cost and time savings, the iCON Wall Solution is more environmentally friendly than cast-in-place wall building, using only 10% of the wood needed for CIP, and is safer for worksites because no scaffolding is required.

The cost and time savings are just a few of many benefits of using the iCON Wall Solution. For more information on iCON or to find out how iCON can be deployed for your next project, please call 858-679-5550 or send an email to

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