Innovative retaining wall construction, endless design possibilities

The iCON™ Wall Solution was born both from Concrete Contractors Interstate’s desire to offer beautiful wall designs that truly enhance outdoor spaces, but that can be achieved within tight project budgets and deadlines. The iCON Wall Solution achieves just that using a proprietary horizontal method for casting and installing walls that speeds construction and allows unlimited design creativity on both sides of the wall. In fact, the iCON Wall Solution can reduce overall construction time by as much as 30-40%.

When it comes to achieving unique designs and aesthetics within concrete walls, traditional vertical on-site casting is expensive. CCI’s horizontal precast method used in the iCON Wall Solution allows you to bring your imagination to life and create a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art without feeling like the bill is stacking up faster than the concrete. In fact, with unlimited design capability, you can tell a story through your iCON™ wall

They say “good fences make good neighbors” and with the iCON wall, a client’s neighbors will be just as happy to look at the backside of the wall as the client is to look at the front. Each panel of the iCON wall is produced and designed in an offsite facility or onsite if practical. Formed on a flat surface, overall production efficiency is increased and design elements can be added to both sides of the wall. Each side can be individualized so that if a client wants to design a wall in-keeping with a desert-oasis motif, but their neighbor’s property calls for something more modern, both styles can be accommodated using CCI’s innovative techniques.

More than just a pleasing work of art, iCON walls also achieve the traditional structural function of retaining walls. By maintaining the structural integrity of a traditional wall, iCON walls can be used to beautify previously impossible spaces and incorporate design creativity where it has never been considered before. With the iCON Wall Solution, the only limit is your imagination.

Key Benefits of the iCON Wall Solution:

  • Unlimited design creativity on both sides of the wall
  • The fastest method for building structural concrete walls as production activities happen simultaneously
  • Allows a project’s mandated public art component to be incorporated into a decorative structural wall to achieve cost savings
  • Endless design creativity at a fraction of the cost
  • More environmentally friendly than cast-in-place wall building, using only 90% less wood than traditional methods
  • Safer for work sites because no scaffolding is required, meaning fewer workers in the air, less overall man power, and less risk of injury

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