Watch an iCON Wall Solution Come to Life!

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Concrete Contractors Interstate wins decorative concrete awards

Local concrete contractor receives partnership requests from around the world
Concrete Contractors Interstate’s (CCI), one of Southern California’s premier concrete contractors, was honored this month when their iCON™ Wall Solution took first place in “Vertical Application” and second place in “Concrete Artistry” in this year’s Decorative Concrete Council Awards Program, hosted by the American Society of Concrete Contractors at the recent World of Concrete Trade Show.

Other California-based companies that also won awards in this year’s competition are T.B. Penick & Sons, Tom Ralston Concrete, and Shaw & Sons.

CCI’s proprietary iCON™ Wall Solution and exclusive wall designs were proven as standouts among all submissions received from across the country and around the globe. The Decorative Concrete Council reviews submissions for “degree of difficulty, economy and craftsmanship, site compatibility, project challenges, environmental factors, and problem solving.” The iCON™ Wall Solution is similar to tilt-up construction, but does not need a casting slab. In many cases, the iCON™ Wall Solution is less expensive to build than masonry or cast-in-place walls above 6 feet in height.

“This year CCI was excited to submit our iCON™ Wall Solution for review by the Decorative Concrete Council,” said Russ Baumgartner, President and Owner of CCI. “Our iCON Wall Solution is a tilt-up style retaining wall system that is a unique alliance of function and form. Because the walls are poured flat, both sides of the walls can be decorated in unique ways. Our process offers architects, designers and builders endless design options.”

“We knew we had an amazing product on our hands, but didn’t quite expect the high intensity of interest from around the world since receiving the […]

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Ground was broken for the start of the Tiger Trail project at Safari Park in Escondido, a 19.5 million dollar, 5 acre exhibit which will house many tigers and place them on display every day.  Concrete Contractors Interstate is honored to place and finish all of the concrete for the exhibit and all of the ancillary features related including the Glass Viewing structure, the Longhouse building and equipment support. Go and enjoy Tiger Trail when it opens in the spring of 2014.

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    RUOCCO PARK Earns Award! The Port Of San Diego’s NEWEST Waterfront Park

RUOCCO PARK Earns Award! The Port Of San Diego’s NEWEST Waterfront Park

Ruocco Park, the Port of San Diego’s newest waterfront park has earned a 2013 Project Achievement Award from the San Diego chapter of the Construction Management Association of America.  Located on 3.3 acres along the San Diego Bay Waterfront, West of Pacific Highway and South of Harbor Dr., the park was dedicated in September of 2012.  Ruocco Park was funded through a unique Public-Private partnership, with funds provided by the Port of San Diego and the Lloyd and IIse Ruocco Trust Fund. The Rucocco’s established the Trust over 25 years ago with the vision of creating a public park in San Diego, one that would feature outstanding urban design.  The park offers open space with grass areas for recreational activities, picnic tables and benches, spaces for quiet contemplation and free flowing walkways for running, walking or biking. Concrete Contractors Interstate’s portion of work consisted of the hand seeded granite pathways and two mosaic Ruocco Park signs. CCI teamed up with Kim Emerson, a local mosaic artist to complete both the entrance sign and an inlaid “Ruocco Park” near the bay front bikeway. Both custom signs are made of hand placed Italian ceramic tile and stone glass. The unique signs are a great compliment to a sculptural web canopy of split and twined eucalyptus branches at the entryway, made by local artist Roman de Salvo. “Our waterfront has never been more exciting and more things are happening that will have hundreds of thousands of people visiting this park every year.” Said San Diego City Councilman Kevin Faulconer, who represents downtown.

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San Diego County Administration Center Waterfront Park

On September 25, 2013, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held by county officials to celebrate the opening of the 250 space underground parking garage at the County Administration Center. The New Waterfront Park will surround the complex and sit on top of the parking structure.  The project started last September and more than 36,000 yards of soil were excavated from the property. Around 50,000 labor hours went into the construction of the garage.  “It’s a significant milestone in this project,” County Supervisor Ron Roberts said. “The garage eliminates acres of ugly parking lots and replaces them with a beautiful lush park.” Now that the 96,000 square foot parking garage is done, crews will focus on the 12 acre public park that goes on top of it. This 12-acre park will replace 8 acres of surface parking and will be the most significant waterfront open space in downtown San Diego. The existing historic landscape and landmark county building form the park’s center while a new 25ft wide interactive fountain extends about a total of 600 feet from the building and into the new park. The park will also include expansive civic greens, a children’s play area, specialty garden areas, and a public restroom. Concrete Contractors Interstate will be installing the hand seeded granite walkways on either side of the fountain. The park will accommodate special events and festivals, farmers’ markets, day and night-time urban needs, and family recreation. “It’s a great example of the county’s efforts to improve the region’s quality of life,” San Diego County Board of Supervisors vice Chair Dianne Jacob said. “More parks and more open spaces make for healthier communities.” The public will be able to enjoy the promenade and fountain […]

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CCI and Wild Animal Park GO WAY BACK!

If you ever experienced a ride on the old WGASA (guesses anyone?) electric powered rail line at what used to be called “The Wild Animal Park,” you would remember riding it at the perimeter of the large exhibits (North, East and South), far from the animals.  Today, at “Safari Park,” you can ride modern trams for more than 2 miles.  The trams, powered by biodiesel workhorses, take you down into the exhibits within a few feet of some of the largest animals in the world.  All of the concrete placed for the tram experience, it’s station, the elevator deck and paths leading from Nairobi Village to the Lion Camp (ultimately to the Train Station) was placed and finished by no other than Concrete Contractors Interstate.

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Visit the San Diego Zoo and see our work!

Go to the San Diego Zoo and walk throughout the exhibits.  You likely would not guess it but you certainly would be walking on mud-stamped concrete, plank stamped bridges and through tunnels placed and finished by Concrete Contractors Interstate.  The Elephant Odyssey has a tunnel that allows patrons to enter and observe movie experiences of elephants in their natural habitat, along with periodic “Live Shows.”  While watching the shows, those patrons may be directly below the pachyderms crossing over the tunnel.  That tunnel was cast and finished by CCI.  The horizontal enhanced paving surfaces through the Tasmanian Devil and Koala exhibits also were placed by CCI. Exit the Panda exhibit and you will have ventured across CCI’s bridge. Please go see our examples of fine finishes and, pet some animals while you’re there.

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